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Dandelion Meadows Cow's Milk Soap

Dandelion Meadows Cow's Milk Soap

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A tallow soap with dandelion infused olive oil.

The whole dandelion plant is incorporated in this bar. The flowers were infused in olive oil, and the leaves were dried and added right to the soap!

Dandelion soap offers several benefits, including its moisturizing properties, potential anti-inflammatory effects, and its ability to soothe irritated skin. Additionally, it may help in treating acne and improving overall skin health due to its antioxidant content.

Scented with lemongrass, ylang ylang, and peppermint essential oils. Invigorating yet calming, with citrusy and minty notes. Refreshing and uplifting

Ingredients: Tallow, dandelion infused olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, milk, sodium lactate, sodium hydroxide, essential oils, yellow brazilian clay, liquid Chlorophyll, dandelion flowers and dandelion leaves

Disclaimer: Discontinue if irritation occurs. For external use only. Keep out of open wounds and eyes.

Tip: Don’t let your bar sit in a puddle of water or a constant stream of water. Try to keep it dry to ensure the longevity and hardness of your soap.

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